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Infilife Earth

We're fighting Climate Crisis

Restoring the balance on our planet!

We are developing ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) solutions for restoring the natural ecosystems & aiming to remove 1 Gt (billion tons) of CO2 by 2036.


Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

The ocean and climate are inextricably interconnected; the state of one drives the state of the other. Making up 71% of the planet’s surface, the ocean influences weather, and climate patterns; after 10,000 years of relative stability in this ocean-climate dynamic, the effects of the last 170 years of accumulated greenhouse gas emissions now threaten the stability of the entire system.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made clear that
large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), of between 100 and 1000 gigatons, will be needed this century to have a chance to hold temperatures to a 1.5°C increase—the goal set out in the Paris Agreement.

We are developing technologies for harnessing the power of the ocean to sequester and safely store carbon dioxide. The ocean already holds more carbon than any other part of Earth’s biosphere (shown below) and has the potential to contribute even more. The sheer scale of the ocean also provides us the opportunity for our solutions, if proven to be viable and safe have the potential to go to the scale needed.

Carbon Sinks

Diagram showing relative sizes (in Giga tons or billion tons) of the main storage pools of carbon on Earth. Cumulative changes (thru the year 2014) from land use and emissions of fossil carbon are included for comparison.


Calm Sea

We aim to sequester 1 Giga tons (a billion tons) of CO2 by 2036

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Our Mission

Develop safe & scalable Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies & sustainable solutions to fight the Climate Crisis around the world


Our Vision

Offer sustainable solutions & Restore balance to our ecosystems to conserve stable & thriving conditions for life on our current & only home, Earth.

Climate Emergency

Join us in the fight against

Climate Crisis

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