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Our Carbon Removal Process

We are developing carbon removal solutions by enhancing the BIOLOGICAL CARBON PUMP with solutions ranging from boosting net primary productivity (utilizing MICRO & MACROALGAE CDR) to restoring ecosystems (BLUE CARBON).

On the other end, we are also designing carbon capture systems utilizing DIRECT AIR CAPTURE (DAC) & BIOENERGY WITH CARBON CAPTURE and STORAGE (BECCS) solutions.

Our main CDR solution is MICRO & MACROALGAE CDR which is based on BIOLOGICAL PUMP (the ocean's biologically driven sequestration of carbon). Our strategy is to engineer this natural process such that it can be enhanced to perform safely in an accelerated state, sequestering carbon emissions from our atmosphere and aiding us in our fight against climate change.

Due to the warming of surface waters & the weakening of thermohaline circulation (effects of Climate Crisis), ocean stratification is set to increase in the coming years which would have a substantial impact on the natural biological pump & might even result in positive feedback loop in its deterioration. Also, we identified the key factors that affect the sequestration capacity of the biological pump are:



Our MICROALGAE CDR solution is specifically designed to tackle these problems. We are developing a novel process that utilizes cost-effective Automated Floating Photobioreactors that boosts & controls the overall production phases of algal strains.

Microalgae CDR
Macroalgae CDR

Globally, macroalgae such as kelp forests are threatened by climate change, coastal development, pollution, and invasive species. Kelp forests are DISAPPEARING FOUR TIMES FASTER than rain forests due to which marine species are losing food & natural habitats, and we are losing great carbon sequestration potential provided by them.


Our MACROALGAE CDR is specifically designed to tackle these problems. We are developing floating kelp farms to be deployed around our microalgae systems referred to as Artificial Forests, which draw in dispersed CO2 from the surrounding medium, provide natural habitat, and restore the local ecosystems.

Features of our CDR process

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